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Most Popular Ways to Clean a Carpet at a Commercial Property

Posted on by dmacias

These days, there are several solutions to commercial carpet cleaning. However, not all of these methods are equally as effective or safe. It can be confusing to figure out what commercial carpet solution is best for your commercial property, especially when you hear terms that are unfamiliar to you. We are going to go over […]

5 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Replace Carpet

Posted on by dmacias

Regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of a carpet by up to 5 years. More importantly, it keeps the house clean, healthy, and allergen-free. Unfortunately, there comes a time when carpet cleaning just won’t get the job done, and it’s time to get a new carpet instead. Here are some surefire signs that it’s […]

Differences Between Green Cleaning Products and Regular Cleaners

Posted on by dmacias

Cleanliness in homes and other private environments is a necessity and must be duly ensured. However, in the process of seeking cleaning solutions, different products have been identified as cleaners. These products are classified into two different categories – the regular cleaners (that contain chemicals) and the green cleaners (without chemicals). It is not uncommon […]

Toughest Types of Stains to Clean Out from A Carpet

Posted on by dmacias

There’s something beautiful about the soft and cozy smell that comes from a clean carpet. But this inviting smell can be replaced by smelly and offensive odor when a clean carpet has been stained with a drink, pet urine, coffee, or any other bad-smelling stains. Carpet or rugs can be stained in various ways, and […]


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